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Class begins – BLOGGING

August 3, 2015

We’re beginning to blog today.

3 minutes – TOPIC (choose 1 of the following):

  • What 3 topics have concerned, amused, or occurred to you in the past months? OR
  • Write down 3 things someone has talked to you about. OR
  • Write down 3 things you are dealing with in ministry or studies.

Jot down a few points under each item on your list. What do you know / are you learning/ about this?


15 minutes – IN GROUPS OF 2-3: Take 5 minutes each for feedback.


Share your list and take notes on the feedback you are given. Consider together:

  • Which item/s on your list might continue to interest you?
  • What ideas or  could be sustainable in a blog? (What are you excited about or interested beyond today?)


  • Who might benefit from what you know or are learning?
  • What benefits would you (or your calling / ministry / ministry partners) get from a blog?
  • Who might read what you write about (besides your mother)?